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imageAntenna Satellite

ILIOS: In the new daily drama series, the sun is coming to illuminate the truth! A woman returns after 18 years to the seaside town where she was born. She will meet her first love. She will also be confronted with the mistakes of the past. A love that comes alive again. A murder. Who is innocent and who is guilty?
A new life begins for Eleni, Asimina and Drosso. For the first time, however, they follow different paths full of thorns, as if they each pay, in a different way, the crime of the past. A child has changed hands, leaving large wounds. A fatal love has not found its port. The blood cycle that began with the death of their father is not closed. Justice has not yet been done.
Nikos Hatzinikolaou continues to provide, with validity and reliability, all the latest developments from Greece and the world, in a new timeslot, but with the same combativeness and reliability!
The necessary ingredients of a balanced… TV breakfast are: optimistic mood, interesting reports, exclusive topics, meetings with bright faces, plenty of laughter, moments of emotion and, of course, good company to share. Fay Skorda and "To Proino" insist on this recipe for the 8th consecutive year.

imageAlpha Sat

Can love overcome pain? A mother who leads her family. Four sons, well protected. A young woman enters their lives, she is both a victim and a perpetrator at once. A great love is born and struggles to find redemption from a past full of secrets and passions. Everything is overturned.
Alpha's comedy series, which in three consecutive years was preferred by the TV audience, returns more dynamic, fresher and more true than ever… Familiar favorite heroes, and others, are ready for the 5th year to share their adventures, love, joys and sorrows.
Αntonis Sroiter inform us daily about current events in Greece and abroad with accuracy and trust. Daily Greek News Bulletins Live from Greece.
For the 8th year in a row, the successful series "Min arhizis tin mourmoura" keeps us company. The new season finds Minas and Voula shocked by the effects of the coronavirus. Katie and Elias are feverishly preparing for their wedding. Babis and Xenia start the season with many problems. A year of great changes begins for Angelos and Veli.​

imageGreek Cinema Channel

Enjoy the greatest Greek movies. Many generations grow up watching the famous movies and adore watching them again and again having the same excitement as they had in their first run.
Enjoy the greatest Greek movies of Finos Film. The beloved movies proved their artistic and commercial value since they continue to draw smiles to children and adults for so many decades.
Enjoy more than 400 movies/season and selected movies with subtitles starring the greatest stars of Greek Cinema: Vougiouklaki, Alexandrakis, Horn, Merkouri, Lampeti, Fotopoulos, Xanthopoulos, Veggos, Karezi, Voutsas, Kourkoulos, Laskari, Konstantaras and many more.
Broadcasts of Greek Sunday Liturgy from Greece NY time and special Liturgies and programming during Christmas, Greek Easter and other Greek Religious festivities.

imageSport Plus

Greek Basket League
Α1 Βasketball Championship is broadcast live and exclusively on Sport Plus. The team of Panathinaikos is empowered and wishes to clinch the title. AEK desire to take advantage of their home matches and name and make the surprise.
Sport Plus broadcasts all the games that are not broadcasted by Antenna Satellite as well as the top home matches of OLYMPIAKOS, and other teams including ATROMITOS, IRAKLIS and LARISA.
Α1 Βasketball Championship is broadcast live and exclusively on Sport Plus. All the home matches of Panathinaikos, Olympiakos and AEK for the Greek Basketball League, and of course the “eternal” derbies for the title of the championship, are here!
Sport Plus
Sport Plus broadcasts 24 hours per day live and exclusive selected and premium Greek Sport games and programs. Enjoy live and non- stop the top soccer, basketball and other major sport games and events.